Biggest Ever Forged London Sale


Take notice and be prepared. We never do sales like this.

We've never done a discount this big.

You'll get one week to access this sale and there won't be another like it.

The Checklist...

1. From Sunday 20th November at 7 pm GMT you won't be able to purchase from Swole Panda until the sale launches on Monday, November 21st at 7 pm GMT.

2. Be Ready! The sale launches at 7 pm GMT on Monday the 21st of November.

3. Add your favourites, fast! make sure you grab everything you want.

4. There's up to 70% off our jewellery and apparel.... INCLUDING bestsellers.

5. This sale contains no hidden agendas or extra price decreases. The prices on the launch will be the same on Black Friday.

6. This is a one-off sale. If items sell out, they won't be back in stock until after Christmas at their regular price. (this is your only chance!).

7. We expect bestsellers to sell out very quickly!

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